Osso Bucco Ravioli con Burra e’ Salvia

Osso Bucco Ravioli con Burra e’ Salvia

Here is a photo of a wonderful lunch dish that my mother and I enjoyed, but it was most expensive: $17.00 for 5 ravioli! YIKES! But we had to try it. The restaurant/Italian grocer in Scottsdale, AZ is called Andreoli’s. The prices are a bit too high for what you get and the owner is a bit on the snotty side. No reason for it, just no reason for it at all.

This dish is home-made ravioli stuffed with ground osso bucco (and seasoning), drizzled with olive oil, butter, garlic and sage. It was extremely wonderful. All the flavors were perfect together. Now I am going to be on the hunt to try and find and/or create this recipe.

A beautiful round ball-shaped cactus in my parents’ backyard

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    Isn’t it an outrageous price? Do you know of this recipe or where to find it? Gosh, we can make this puppy for so far less! I guess the rent was probably pretty high for the location….but still….$17.00 for 5 ravioli? Phew!! feeling better today, thanks to you! I also thanked you on my Beautiful Catholic blog too.

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