Beautiful Nature On The Acreage . . . Not Just Cooking!

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Well, most of you who read my blog probably think that all we do around this little farm of ours is cook and eat. Not really . . . besides our teaching positions, we really spend a tremendous amount of time outdoors working on some project here or there. It’s always something, as the saying goes! As my father seems to believe, “we bought ourselves a job”! But what a labor of love it is. It doesn’t even seem like ‘work’ to us. Truthfully, more people in the USA should get off their rumps and get out and do more physical activities in the fresh air! It’s so good for us!
But other than cooking up delicious recipes, we truly love our little acreage. In the mornings and evenings when the temperatures lower back into the 70′s, we spend nearly all of our time outside with the horses, the land, and our gardens. There’s always something to do; we’re never, ever bored. So here are a few more photos of life on La Bella Vita.

A busy bee at work on the Echinacea, purple coneflower .

The rose trellis in full bloom with old-fashioned David Austin roses.

A luscious lemon yellow daylily with soft pink edges….sorry, I don’t know the name of it!

Spanish Lace, aka “Lacie”, dirty from rolling on the ground, but stately, huh?
This little mama bird is literally no bigger than 2 inches big . . .
but boy, is she ever guarding her eggs in the nest that she built in the horses’ stable.

The early morning sunrise reflecting on this perfect pink daylily!

W.D. with our HUGE 1,300 pound American Saddlebred, Carolina Luck….”Lucky”
Do blondes really have more fun? Miss Lacie after having her hair brushed.
An equine prima donna in the making, I think, don’t you?
Here’s little Caramel Sundae, “Sundae”, a smaller horse, but beautiful & STRONG!

. And lastly, another superb rose-pink daylily in the flower gardens.

I hope that your life is beautiful wherever you are today!

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  1. How blessed you are to live among such beauty!! Your horses are just gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Reeni! We do feel very blessed. I prayed for this little acreage almost 20 years ago and we found the land and built on it 7 years ago. It took a lot of patience! I’m so glad you like the new horses….they’re a trip though! Minds of their own, these two!

  3. One word…beautiful. I really liked the picture of the bee inside the flower.

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