Shades of Blue in the Garden! The Rarest Garden Color


I just had to share photos of these extraordinary, beautiful blue flower covered bushes that thrill our eyes from late July until frost. They are called Caryopteris or “Bluebeard”. Plus drought and deer-resistance make them perfect for adding splashes of vivid blue azure color in the rural (and urban) landscapes. The bees and butterflies just love them too!

Plus I had to include a photo of my blue-eyed Siamese cat, Coco, amidst the bed pillows where she loves to play hide and seek. She sort of looks angry in this shot, but I just woke her up for the photo, so she was kind of out of it, wondering what was going on with all the flashes! I’d probably feel the same way too!
Have a beautiful Labor Day wherever you are!
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    Hi Roz, Your new blog design is beautiful. I have stopped by to grab your button. I have also posted a response to your inquiry for my icing recipe. Stop by later and pick it up. Fondly, DCRose

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    Now beautiful are these! I can almost hear the birds chirping and the bees buzzing…it makes me long for springtime again. How sweet is that feline face!

    I’m lamenting how so many of my flowers are going bye-bye for now.

    (wistful sigh)

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    YAY! Thank you Roz! I do enjoy your blog very much. I’m glad it was a Blogger glitch.

    The blue flowers are so gorgeous. What a precious kitty as well.

    Have a wonderful day my friend,
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

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