Autumn Color on La Bella Vita!

October has just been a crazy, busy month . . . on top of it being the time of the year when I advise students for spring semester, my parents have been settling into their apartment upstairs where they will begin spending more time with us away from the blistery winters of Iowa. It is wonderful to have them here and to help them in their ‘golden years’.

My mother has been doing alot of the cooking due to my very late days and nights at work, so I have no updates on ‘la cucina’ (the kitchen) or cooking!However, I DO have a few photos that I snapped lately that I just had to share with my nature lovin’ friends. Aren’t you just loving the eye-popping color that is such a FREE gift and natural treasure to enjoy during autumn?? To be able to capture these fleeting moments of beauty is just a delight!

So grab a cup of cinnamon tea and take a walk with me around the acreage!

Yesterday, I woke up to this! It was truly a “grab my camera” moment!
My roses are still perfectly in bloom and will be until a hard freeze comes our way.

But, how can you celebrate fall without some happy, cheerful mums?

A close-up of a lovely pink rose bud! Luscious, huh?

When the sun sets, it shines through the leaves of the dogwoods and the reds are so vivid!

This is our Tigger, a 14 year-old grey Tabby, that we took in as a stray about 10 years ago.

He truly does sleep on his back. We have very entertaining pets!

Here’s another shot of roses growing through a pergola that hubbie built for my garden.
This was taken just today, October 30th!

Intense color from our young Maple tree (Autumn Blaze)
All of our friends come in the BACK DOOR . . .
my parents balcony of their apartment is above the garage.
We completed it this spring. It’s just so cozy and sweet!

I just think that this is such a great autumn arrangement to greet us
when we come home each day . . .
I picked it up at a local Hobby Lobby . . .
I stopped along the Interstate on my commute home to snap this picture.
It is a bit blurry, because I took it very quickly while standing on the side of the freeway!

And lastly, one more view of yesterday’s sunrise..
Your comments make me smile and I promise to get back to you. I may be slow at it because I get easily distracted by something brewing in the kitchen or hummingbirds in my gardens.

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  1. Beautiful!! Thank you…

    We didn’t have any fall color. Early freeze and everything turned to mush. Then it rained and rained (which is good ’cause I don’t have to go out and deep water the trees before it really freezes.)

  2. Hello! I just found your blog through my friend Reeni (Cinnamon Spice). Gosh what a beautiful blog. I love that you embrace your heritage! My husband’s family is from Napoli (Naples but I am sure you knew that). A couple years ago my mother in law was able to visit there…she brought beck such beautiful pictures. I probably just overshared here sorry lol.

    Christine Mack

  3. Beautiful!! So glad that you have the ability to help your parents like that. Very admirable. Love that Tigger too – how sweet!

    Well, the weekend is here, so hopefully you will be able to relax a couple of days anyway.

  4. I’ve missed you…Your photos are beautiful. I love the rose and it’s buds- luscious indeed.

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Beautiful picture of the dogwood tree. Our colors are past now-so beautiful when all the trees were in full color.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!

  6. Hi! Stopping by from SITS and I am so glad that I did! I am in Tennessee, and even though I’m not Italian, I love all things Italy. I’ve visited a few times and would love to live there permanently. I so enjoyed the visit and will be back!
    Thanks so much,

  7. What wonderful colors! Thanks so much for sharing these Superior Snaps. SITS sent me by, and I’m glad they did…Happy Saturday Sharefest!

    One Quarter to Go ‘Til Halftime

  8. Roz! So glad that you are back. What a beautiful home, and what a blessing it is to take care of your parents. I loved the photos.
    Fall is settling in here, too. You’ve inspired me to go on a photo hunt and to appreciate the changes of nature.

  9. Beautiful photos!! Hope you’re not so busy at work.

  10. Gorgeous photos! I love the roses.

  11. So beautiful Autumn pictures , Roz ! I loved the roses !! Here we’re having Spring time :)
    Well , have a wonderful November !!!!
    God bless your family :)

  12. The photos are breath-taking as well as beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  13. what beautiful photos Roz! And how nice to have your parents so close! Enjoy!

  14. You sure do make you home homey. I love the balcony and I can almost smell the roses.

    Happy All Saints Day.

  15. Beautiful roses, and those leaves have amazing color!

  16. stunning pics..and i absolutely LOVE your blog..

  17. stunning pics..and i absolutely LOVE your blog..

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