Signs of Autumn! Hello October!

Wherever you are, you’re probably feeling a little chillier temps, maybe shorter daylight time (sigh!) and possibly decorating your home and gardens with autumn colors. Don’t ya just love the cooler nights to sleep with the windows open! Ahhhh, the fresh air does a soul good!
I stepped outside my classrooms and kitchen yesterday to snap a few shots of some signs of fall on the acreage. I’ll cook something up later this weekend, but for now I’m just in the mood to savor the beauty and the splendor of Mother Nature’s slowing down outside.
Who doesn’t love mums in the fall? This huge monster of a mum was planted last year and came back even bigger!

Hello Yellow….the blooms looks so happy and this is my favorite mum color of all!

Next stop on the acreage, a photo of our garage turned into barn . . . we only have a stable for the horses, so our cars stay outside in the winter while the horses’ hay stays dry in the garage! We have to stock up on hay to get the horses through the winter months when the grass goes dormant in the pastures.

And lastly, some of those gorgeous tall grasses! These have a slightly “Italian” name: Adiago! Sort of close to Asiago (cheese).
They are so shimmery and wispy when the breeze sweeps through them.
We know that autumn is here when these plumes are displayed in the grasses.

Well, that’s my welcome to October tribute . . .
it will only get more beautiful as the month goes on…..
yes, the colors do change down here in the Carolina’s….
and although it may not be as vivid as the colors in the Northeast, its still pretty stunning!
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  1. says

    Beautiful photos. I wish our fall in Hong Kong would be a lot chiller, now it’s still hot, even we are going to celebrate mid-autumn festival this Saturday…

  2. says

    Y’all need a good old fashioned barn raisin’!!

    I love the grasses too – have pampas along my back fence and another type along the side fence in the front.

    My mums have been slow coming so far, probably still too hot, or I haven’t been givin’ em enuf love! I don’t have many but they are sluggish.

  3. says

    ciao bella! i love your blog. i’m trying your pot roast recipe this weekend. you have so many beautiful things here throughout all of your posts.

    i am your newest follower!


  4. says

    Hi Bella! I’m visiting as part of my first SITS Saturday. This is so much fun! The mums are beautiful, and I was hoping to get some for my pots out front today but it’s raining. :-( We have the tall grasses too and absolutely love them. Have an awesome day!
    pk @ room remix

  5. says

    Gorgeous photography ! thanks for stopping by my blog on SITS –

    Maybe you can answer this for me…. I have no green thumb so I never bothered . But Mums will come back the next year ? For some reason I thought those were just a plant them and they die after the season. I guess that is why I never bought them because I hate wasting money that is just going to die lol . Let me know ! thx jtrophy at gmail dot com

  6. says

    Hi, Roz,
    I am happy that you visited my blog. Autumn is my favorite time of the year too. I love your pictures. It makes me want to grab a cup of coffee, wrap myself in a blanklet, and inhale the crisp air. I love sharing recipes and pictures with friends over the internet. Cheers, Tien

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