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A food-obsessed chef, food and lifestyle blogger, recipe developer, photographer and happy world traveler. Constantly on a quest to enjoy more deliciousness and beauty in life . . . and to share them on La Bella Vita Cucina. Nothing means more to me than my family and living every moment with loving gusto and gratitude!
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  1. Great lunch Roz. The soup sounds great and the panini, a new twist on an old favorite! Grilled cheese and tomato soup is one of those fond childhood memories that I hold dear! No freezing rain or snow down here to make me recall this one!

  2. Classic! Course mine is never this fancy but I’d sure love to share a lunch of this with you my friend! We have cold weather moving in tonight – it was in the high 60s yesterday and tonite will drop to the high 20s! Lows will be in the 30s the rest of the week thru the weekend. They are even speaking of possible S-N-O-W in southern Mississippi. Nothing like that picture of yours though!

  3. I am so enjoying your blog! The ultimate comfort food – in a grown up way. I’m now folowing so I don’t miss anything! Thanks for stopping by, and for your ever so appreciated sweet comment about ‘Bless your heart’ and my new look! Hope you’ll be back soon.

  4. Roz- I came back and snagged your button for my site. I was so impressed after I read your About Me page. Absolutely beautiful. So calm and grounded. I loved learning more about you. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love the way fontina melts. I bet Ina’s creamy tomato basil coup is absolutely delicious. Her recipes are awesome. A Perfect cold weather meal:D

  6. Oh, Roz, this looks so yummy and I just LOVE panini! I had to also let you know that I have the same dish pattern as you do, don’t you just love them?!?

  7. Oh that is one of my favorite meals—ever!!!!

    Thought I was already following?

    I am following you from FF. I hope you will pop on by and follow back. Happy Valentine’s Day from that Blonde. Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog.

  8. Hey, Roz Here’s how I’ve been doing it – there may be a better way (but I don’t know what it is!) – the first 3 on the list are the hostesses of the blog hop so you stop in and comment, and follow them – then they follow you back. Then other people will also click on your link and stop in your site. You can go down the list and find sites you think you might enjoy – follow them, and leave them a comment asking them to follow you. If you figure out a better way – please let me know!

  9. That’s interesting to see carrots in there! I need to get some carrots and tomatoes but I have eveything else to make this!

    I have a question for you though. If I were to used canned tomatoes, how much would I need? 2-3 cups maybe?

  10. Hello! I just wanted to stop by & say thank you for joining my community! I really appreciate your membership — You have a beautiful blog… getting hungry just looking at these photos!! Take care, Erika!

  11. Roz those are simply gorgeous and delicious recipes! I can’t wait to make them. I know it’s simple comfort food and yes, I have canned soup in the pantry but this is going to be made the next time we have soup and sammies! Thanks for stopping by my blog AND leaving a comment. So many visitors, so few comments. What’s up with that?

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