New York . . . New York!


A beautiful gift from France, our Lady of Liberty in NYC
Every March is conference season in my line of work and this month is no exception. It is time for me to change roles and switch from professor to student and learn more about how to improve on what I do in my chosen vocation of teaching.
Now usually in March I attend meetings in the warmer Southern U.S. states (you know . . . places like Hilton Head, SC, Destin, FL, or Savannah, GA), but this time I’ve chosen to, yes, go NORTH instead! I’ll be peeling the Big Apple for the next few days of Spring Break. If I stayed home for break, I’d just spend the whole week catching up on cleaning the house! :-( So this is a MUCH better destination!

W.D. is going to tag along with me, so that we can spend evenings dining in oh-so-much-nicer eateries than we have here in our little village of a town nearby the acreage. We’ve already done our research and decided on a scrumptiously delicious Italian restaurant in the financial district near Wall Street. During the day we plan on going to some great deli’s for huge submarine sandwiches, sky high NY cheesecake, and, of course, some genuine, authentic NY bagels! We’ve also got some great pizzarias on our list of go-to’s! Mmmm, I’m hungry already! I’ll give you the full scoop on how each of these experiences are when I return, cuz this week I’m trading in my kitchen apron for a seat at several tables in New York City! I know that I’ll come home with more culinary inspiration to use in my own kitchen to share with you.

I am SO excited about this trip since I have not been back to New York City since just before 9/11 and the tragedy against our beautiful nation.
I’ll be checking in my blog for your comments, because if you happen to have ANY recommendations for foodie hot spots, please let me know. I’ll do my best to squeeze my friends’ suggestions in.
So ciao for now my good friends, I’m off to do some BIG apple peeling!
The infamous Times Square where my hotel window will be looking right out on.
Your comments make me smile and I promise to get back to you. I may be slow at it because I get easily distracted by something brewing in the kitchen or hummingbirds in my gardens.

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  1. My husband and I love the movie Serendipity and would love to go to that estaurant for frozen hot chocolate, you’ll have to let me know if you make it there! Enjoy, anne

  2. I follow your blog from follow friday!! I would love if you come follow me :)

  3. How exciting! Have a good time.

  4. Oh Roz I haven’t been to NYC since I moved down here 25 years ago. My 1st husband was from Brooklyn. Have a great time and bring back lots of photos to share with us!

  5. Have a good time!

  6. Sounds so fun yet productive! Whooo Hooo! Have a great time!

  7. Hi, from Follow Friday! I am going to NYC w/ hubby in the summer & can’t wait. There is so much energy (and I need it).

  8. First things first, Roz, that Mississippi Mud Cake in your sidebar is KILLING ME! Haha! It’s divine! I think I just drooled on my laptop. :o )

    Have fun in NYC! I’m in PA and I love, love, love traveling to New York City. My husband’s company did a boat dinner around the Statue of Liberty a few years ago and I was just so excited to be on the river. “Look! That’s where bodies wash up in Law and Order! That’s where the Real Housewives might live!” HAHA!

    Following you from FF! Have a super lovely weekend!


  9. Oh, I haven’t been to NY in years. It’s so fun!
    My 1st husband was italian. The only thing I miss is the food!
    Following you from FF. Hope you get a chance to drop by!

  10. Oh my! please go to brooklyn and check out Baked bakery!! if you have time to leave the island of course. Sounds like fun enjoy your break!

  11. Hello Roz! I finally have some free time and am visiting my favorite blogs:D I just came back from New York and a must try is The Spotted Pig! It’s absolutely divine!! One of the best and hottest gastro pubs! I actually did a post on it here..

    I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

    Un besote!

  12. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time and get to eat some delicious food. I’m anxious to hear all about it when you get back. Safe travels!

  13. I am so excited for you – and looking forward to all the wonderful photos I hope you’ll be sharing! Best wishes,

  14. You will have a ball! I love NY. It is time I went back.

  15. Enjoy! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  16. Fantastic! Have a wonderful time!

  17. HI! Friday Following you! What a beautiful blog, lovely pictures! My hubby & I go to upstate NY to visit family, now that our girlie is getting older we want to take her to the city.

  18. Lucky you! Hopefully, you will stay warm. Looking forward to your photos and details about your trip, Professor!

  19. Have a great trip. I’m looking forward to hearing about it.

  20. I spent two wonderful months in Soho in the late eighties and fell in love with New York then!
    Have a great time!

  21. Oooh, so jealous! I have no suggestions for you because I’ve never been but I hope you eat well, have a great time and take lots of pictures!

  22. You have a beautiful blog and view on life in general. I found you through “Friday Follow” and am now following you through Google Friend Connect. Come on over and visit us when you get a free moment. Happy Tuesday! <3

  23. Bella, I found you by chance. Have a fabulous time in NYC. I love your blog and will be back often. Blessings…Mary

  24. Can’t wait to hear about your trip. I would have no suggestions since I’ve only been once and I was a teenager then.

  25. Thanks for the tour of NY. I love that city but haven’t been in ages. I used to visit years ago when I worked for New York firms.

  26. How fun! I have lived just a mere 2 hours and 30 minutes from NYC for almost 2 years now, and still haven’t managed to take the kids. I went a few times for blog stuff, but not family stuff. Hopefully we can make it during summer.

    Here from Follow Friday! Now following.

  27. Happy Follow Friday

    Following You From…

    Hope You Come By!

  28. Found your nice blog on Friday Follow, and am following you on Google Friends Connect.

    Check out my blog of inspirational stories and poems on family, faith, kindness and compassion. Feel free to follow me back.


  29. Enjoy your time in the city! I live in Hoboken, across the river from Manhattan and the view never gets old!

    If you need any suggestions for the city, let me know!

  30. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! I followed your blog & can’t wait to read more. I went to New York last year & ate at a restaurant called “Hell’s Kitchen” (no tie to the show) and it was amazing. One of my friends said “If only I could eat the plate…it was THAT good)!

    Chowhound is a great place to get recommendations as well.

    Have fun! New York is one of my favorite cities!

  31. Hi! I actually live and work in NYC! I love to think about this stuff too :)

    Serendipty, I’ve heard, is great, but you can wait up to two to three hours for their frozen hot chocolate, unless you get there super early. I am not sure if they take reservations.

    We love the restaurant Ninja because it’s funny, but it’s really expensive for what the food is.

    I would suggest going to St. Peter’s church across from the World Trade Center site. That’s where the volunteers stayed and has history that does and doesn’t involve 9/11.

    I hope you have a great trip!!
    Stopping by from SITS!

  32. I already see we have a few things in common….quilting, cooking, and Carolina! Hope you have a great holiday in NYC! Thanks for the invite on Tasty Kitchen.

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