Seasonal Saturday & Fresh, Clean and Pure Friday

So many amazing posts have been shared here in the last 5 weeks.  It’s so hard to select among the many inspirational recipes, decor ideas, lifestyle changes, those posts to highlight from the previous week.  So I’m just going to be fair and honest . . . I’m an educator, and that’s crucially important to my students . . . when fair, consistent, and honest, they trust me.  So here goes, here are the posts from last week’s link-up that are so interesting and moving in many different areas:

Fresh food:
A Guide To Autumn’s Apple Varieties  from Yvonne @ Stonegable
Autumn Harvest Bread and Spiced Apple Butter from Heather @ girlichef
Pumpkin Spice Browny Bites from Joce @ Inside BruCrew Life
Mini Harvest Muffins @ My Sweet and Savory
Pumpkin Rolls from Bernideen @ Bernideen’s Tea Time

Fresh, new lifestyle/outlook on life:
Fall Into Fitness from Anetazia @ Your Work is to Discover Your World 
Simply Rest from Elise @Kissing the Leper

Fresh look in decor:
Fresh Autumn Decor from Donna @ Timeless Settings

Fresh flowers/fruit/vegetables from the garden:
Olives from elra @ garden at nina’s place

Fresh photo/poetry/illustration/thoughts:
The Harvest Moon Gala Photo and Poetry @ Charm of the Carolines
An Autumn Equinox Fairy Illustration by aquariann @ the art & tree chatter
Living Each Day with Gusto by kismet @ positive kismet

Fresh fashion looks:
Autumn/Fall Fashion Tips from Java @ Never Growing Old

THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR INSPIRATION!!!!  Check ‘em out and consider following them for their great thoughts on living life in a more fresh, clean, and pure way!!  Grazie tutto!

So here’s the routine again, that is so simple: 
  • Add your post link (or blog link, it’s all good) with a nice title.
  • Add the photo of the post you wish to showcase.
  • Grab the link-up button and post it either in your post or somewhere on your blog (delete it over the weekend if you wish).
  • If you’re new here, please follow “la bella vita and leave a comment so that I can be sure and follow you back.  If I forget, go ahead and nag me again!  I am a true absent-minded professor!!!
  • Please be a courteous blogger and visit a few other blogs who took the time to meet others like yourself. 
  • Leave him or her a kind comment and make their day!
  • No posts to try and sell stuff, no posts for giveaways, and no posts related to simple coupons (trust me, I do delete them; it’s just not nice, OK?).  
  • Many thanks for making this a fun community to learn from others!

Your comments make me smile and I promise to get back to you. I may be slow at it because I get easily distracted by something brewing in the kitchen or hummingbirds in my gardens.

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  1. Thank you Roz for hosting again this week. I am really enjoying all the wonderful ideas found here.

    Have a great weekend.

    Carol-the gardener

  2. I always enjoy your wonderful party sweet Roz! Thank you for hosting. ~Melissa :)

  3. Ciao mia amica!!! I’m so sorry for my late reply. I haven’t been on my blog lately. I received your comment about the best friends thing. Thank you so much for explaining it. I totally understand it now. No, I DIDN’T think you’re a snob you’re VERY VERY sweet!! ♥ I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs!!

  4. Hey! I just stumbled onto your blog via the friday meme, and I had to leave a comment telling you how wonderful I think your blog is! Your design is pretty, and your content is great!

    Please keep it up, I’ve followed you for more. :D

    Best Wishes,
    ●▬▬▬๑۩Tina @ Book Couture۩๑▬▬▬●

  5. Thank you Roz for adding my blog post on Positive Kismet to your list; you made my blogging day!
    I love your blog and the wonderful things you do with it… This mention is a real honor and I accept with joy. I’ve joined the hop. :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Roz, sorry I posted three weeks in a row and just figured out that you have to enter first, geesh! so this week I have two in and the first one I did wrong too! I hope to I figured this out now~ sorry for messing it up. I posted Polenta this week, and last week was sweet potato…both had the linky on it :) I love this segement of yours on your blog and all the great recipes you post, thanks for your patience and support love it here! Bella Roz like your picture is~

  7. Hi Roz! Thanks so much for the great shout-out…and thank you for hosting. I dropped by w/ some unique cookies this week =)

  8. Sugar cookies with butter and coconut oil, delicious! Coconut oil is a healthy substitute for hydrogenated vegetable products, let the experiments begin. Thanks so much for hosting.

  9. Hi Roz!

    I’m all linked up! Thanks for such a great hop!!

    Hope you have a great Weekend!!


  10. I linked up a post and video about BPA lining our food cans, kinda scary but good info.

    I always enjoy this hop and the great variety of stuff to check out! Thanks for hosting and I hope to see you at Family Food Fridays this week. :)

  11. Thank you for hosting this wonderful party and I am so honored that you featured Timeless Settings!


  12. Wow, thank you so much for featuring my Autumn Fairy Work in Progress from last week. *sparkles*

  13. Hi Roz, wanted to let you know, I mentioned your blog carnival on my thoughts on friday link love post this week at a moderate life, so stop by and say hi! My recipe is a nutrient dense and simple pan fried potato recipe from mark bittman that we added to our favorite meal of the week, breakfast for dinner. Thanks for hosting! alex@amoderatelife

  14. Dear Roz thank you so much for hosting this wonderfully fresh friday ! I’m sorry I didn’t make it last week but with my new job my life is more hectic ! Thanks again !

  15. What a beautiful picture. I was blog hoping for FF and came across your blog. It is so pretty here and I look forward to to reading more now that I am following you.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Xoxo, Supermom Alysha

  16. i am a new follower .. hope you can stop on by

  17. I am new to your blog hops! I started following a little while ago, great site!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. I juts discovered your blog last week and I thought I was going for Fresh Friday… so I posted something fresh but not that much in season any longer! Oh well, next week I’ll be prepared. Thanks for hosting!

  19. Thanks for hosting this! I’m already a follower of yours, would love for you to visit me at Mom of all Trades when you get a chance :)

  20. your blog is filled with yummy stuff, in fact this pregnant mama is now ready for lunch, lol

    I am your newest follower


  21. Thank you so much to each one of you for your wonderful, delicious, interesting, inspirational, beautiful posts that you linked up with Fresh Clean and Pure Friday and/or Seasonal Saturday. It is going to be really hard to pick out those to feature in the next edition! Hugs, Roz

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