Blazing Fiery Colored Maple Leaves


There is some serious color showing in our little “Autumn Blaze” maple tree.  Really intense hues!
We planted this little beauty four years ago, and when all other trees fail to show off their stuff,
this little tree never fails to impress us!  If I’m fortunate enough to live another 10 years,
I cannot even imagine what a show it will provide every autumn!

Hope you’re having a BEAUTIFUL autumn wherever you are!
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  1. says

    The maple leaves are simply stunning. Wow. I love it.

    btw, I received your inquiry about who helped design my blog. I sent her an email asking her permission to forward her information. She is really good. It’s something that she does on the side. As soon as I hear back, I will let you know.

  2. says

    We’re lucky enough to live in Michigan where the colors are spectacular! Great photos.

    I’m stopping by from the Over 40 Bloggers group.


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