Caramel Sundae with Toffee Cookie Crumble AND A Pony Named Caramel Sundae

Caramel and praline are flavors that always grab my attention!   This little gooey creation is so simple that I made from the cinnamon-y toffee praline cookies presented in the previous post.  Whether the cookies are in the chewy stage or have dried out a bit from not being able to eat them fast enough while the’re still chewy, then just scoop out a large serving of the best vanilla ice cream that you can find, crumble the cookies on top and smother the whole mound with warm caramel sauce.  Instant dessert . . . and in this case, dessert for two!

Caramel Sundae with Toffee Cookie Crumble

Cinnamon-y Toffee Praline Cookies (crumbled, recipe is in previous posts)
Vanilla Ice Cream
Caramel Sauce (purchased or home-made)

Warm up the caramel sauce (in the microwave, it takes about 45 seconds).
Scoop out the vanilla ice cream onto plates or in bowls.
Crumble the cookies on top of ice cream.
Pour the warm caramel sauce on top of everything.
Serve immediately.

Many of you know that we have horses on our little acreage.  We named our youngest and smallest horse, “Caramel Sundae” and nicknamed him “Sundae”.  He is such a sweet, sweet little horse!  Isn’t he beautiful?  We gave him his name because of his coloring and think it fits him just perfectly!

Caramel Sundae With Toffee Praline Cookie Crumble on FoodistaCaramel Sundae With Toffee Praline Cookie Crumble

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    Roz – Both caramel sundaes are beautiful! I love the ooey gooeyness of the ice cream sundae. However, I think it’s your sweet little horse that steals the show. He’s stunningly beautiful.

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