Wordless Wednesday


A thanksgiving in chilly Iowa, plus a surprise 90th birthday celebration for my father!


.90 candles to blow out . . . 


.90 balloons to pop . . . 


.to surprise my father, Bud, the birthday boy!


.and then to gather around my sister Kelly’s gorgeous table
 for thanksgiving for all of our blessings!
I couldn’t be totally ‘wordless’ this week!  :-)
Your comments make me smile and I promise to get back to you. I may be slow at it because I get easily distracted by something brewing in the kitchen or hummingbirds in my gardens.

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  1. He looks so vibrant.. Those eyes are lively and happy!.. Many more b’days!.

  2. Wow. 90. That’s awesome. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  3. It looks like your father was having a good time. You guys went all out with the 90 balloons and candles. I have a hard time lighting a few candles before they start dripping all over the place.

  4. Happy birthday Bud. You are the youngest ninety year old I’ve ever seen. Hope you had a great day.

    That cake is fabulous. You’ve decorated it beautifully and your table is gorgeous too. Your dad must have really been proud.

  5. Beautiful post! Beautiful Birthday Bud! What a special day.

  6. Loved the swirls on the birthday cake. Loved the 90 balloons to pop. Your table looked gorgeous at Thanksgiving!

  7. Happy birthday to your father. He looks great !

  8. totally beautiful, roz! your dad’s so cute, how lucky you are! anne

  9. Ciao!Buon Compleanno to your Dad, hope he has a wonderful day. He is 90, wow, he looks great for his age. I see where you get your full of life personality from. The cake looks soo good. Enjoy the celebration! ♥

  10. Happy Bday to your Pops. He looks like he was very much enjoying himself. :-)
    And your sister’s table setting is beautiful.

  11. Happy Birthday day to your Dad!!! And that table . . . gorgeous!!!!

  12. It looks like your family went all out for your Dad’s 90th birthday! It looks like a very happy day. A real cause for celebration. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow!! Handsome Dad. Happy Birthday, Bud…

  14. wow how awesome this is I so wish I had this opportunity to have my dad still here you are so lucky…and he looks fantastic!

  15. Happy Happy Birthday to your dad!

  16. Oh, sweet. I smiled when I saw the picture of your father.

  17. Sending Happy Birthday wishes and blessings to your dad. He looks terrific!

  18. Congratulations to your Dad on his 90th Birthday, he has such smiling eyes. This post is a lovely tribute to him.

  19. What a happy day, and the “birthday boy” shot is priceless!

  20. How wonderful…Happy Birthday to your father :)

  21. He is looking GREAT! Happy belated birthday to him. :-)

  22. He still looks great at 90! You are so blessed! I know its super dooper late, but Happy Happy Birthday sir! Enjoy life!

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