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I promise to reply to your kind comments, but sometimes I get behind because of something cooking in my kitchen, hummingbirds in my gardens, or grading my student papers . . . but

I WILL reply both on your blog and here! After all, that's what good friends are for!


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    I don’t want you to feel bad, but this post made tears come to my eyes. My late moms favorite. Dad had them growing in one place in the yard by the Madonna. Every year she would go out here when they would start to bloom and was so in awe of these. I thought they looked like peas as a kid. Oh the fond memories of my parents I miss them so much.. Thanks for posting, I totally forgot about these flowers.. a part of my soul… thankyou!

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    I can’t wait till mine are even out of the ground!!! blooming will be a while! lol
    thanks for linking in today and sharing this great bleeding heart. I hope you will share again soon!

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