Simple, Quiet Nature in the Lowcountry

It seems that there is a need for a little more peace and serenity in our lives.  In all of our busy-ness these are so difficult to experience, especially with the craziness of the holiday season.  I’m a firm believer in taking time to savor the simple silence that nature offers us.  So with that said, here are a few photos of my escape from the calls of the shopping centers and black Friday sales.  We won’t be back to the coast until summer and so I thought I’d chronicle some of the blissful beauty by the sea.

Your comments make me smile and I promise to get back to you. I may be slow at it because I get easily distracted by something brewing in the kitchen or hummingbirds in my gardens.

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  1. Oh Roz! Those pictures are beautiful and have me tempted to say that I miss summer (except I’m secretly happy for winter to roll around).

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the Christmas season.

  2. Gorgeous photos!

  3. I love being alone with the quiet of nature wherever it may be. Enjoy your peace and enjoy.

  4. What a perfect escape, Roz…enjoy every minute~

  5. Love the beach scenes – it could easily be right here around the corner from me on the Gulf. I am fortunate that I do not have too much of the craziness in my life, but at this stage I think that I have earned it. Mercy have I had some crazy in my past life LOL!

    Happy Holidays!!

  6. After the last two days, I need this spot wherever it is, even if its in my mind… just a perfect place to meditate, unwind and remember how beautiful life is, bella vita… you captured it.

  7. Great shots Roz – I really like the sun shimmering off the water. Hope you got recharged.

  8. Ahhhh~ thank you for taking me for a little morning walk with you.
    Is there anyplace more beautiful in the world?

  9. Beautiful photos, Roz! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving week, Anne

  10. Hi Roz,
    Thank you so much for bringing me such a beautiful peaceful moment today.
    Miz Helen

  11. So lovely and peaceful Roz. Thanks for sharing this.

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