A Slice of Lasagna!

A slice of the lasagna that I made yesterday . . . I’ve posted this photo a day later because once sliced, it sort of falls all over itself when cut directly out of the oven.  It holds it’s shape much better if you wait a day, plus it even tastes better.  The recipe is included in the preceding post.  Enjoy!

See how nicely it stays stacked?  Four layers of pasta deliciousness!
This special lasagna pan was purchased from Chefs.com and could easily have handled an additional fifth layer!


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  1. OK…you’ve got me! Now I have to make this recipe!! LOL!!

    Jan ♥

  2. If you want to be a big hit with most people, just serve lasagna. And yours would be a smash!

  3. this looks so yummy! and I love the lasagna pan you have in the background of the photo, I’m green with envy over that :) anne

  4. gorgeous yummy photo!

  5. WOW Roz, Delish!!! I jumped when I saw your lasagna. Bet it induces wild lasagna dreams tonight ;)

  6. I love lasagna and my husband could cheerfully give it a miss. When I make it I let it cool, slice and freeze. That way I get my fix when he wants something I don’t care much for.

    This looks delicious!

  7. oh my goodness — that is one fabulous slice of lasagna!! mmmm!

  8. Thanks everyone, I hope that you can try to make this some day (especially when it cools down a bit) . . . I think that you will truly enjoy it!

  9. This looks simply spectacular! WOW! …Susan

  10. that lasagna looks AMAZING! juicy, rich, filling, yummy

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