A Stroll In My June Garden!

What would summer be without taking early morning and late evening strolls in beautiful flower gardens?  I just cannot imagine this season without the sight and smell of these beautiful blooms!  
Every year I add more perennials that usually take a good 3 years to expand and fill their spot in the garden.  And this year was the year for a great show of daylilies, roses, hostas, and sedum.  Here’s just a few shots of how things are looking up outside of the kitchen:
Pink daylillies in front of hostas.
A close up shot of a buttery yellow daylilly.

“Blue Mammoth” is huge among other variegated hostas.

I love how the morning sun at dusk shines through delicate flower petals.

More daylillies!
The gardenias have been blooming since May!
“Knock Out” red roses just pop with vivid crimson color against the texture of the stone wall and walkway and the velvet-like green lawn (thanks to all of the rain that we received this year).  These rose bushes are only one year old, highly prolific, as well as being bug and disease-resistant too!
Another brilliant pink daylilly!

A patch of pink and chartreuse Sedum in front of a lime-colored “Sum and Substance” hosta, soon to be another huge plant, it’s only 2 years old.

 Lastly a shot of a large bed of hostas, daylillies, and roses.  I just love water elements in gardens and this tall water fountain is perfect with a lovely, trickling sound out in the quiet of the countryside.  The azaleas are in their green stage, having already bloomed back in April.  We’ve already planted a new group of smaller hostas that will fill in the empty spaces after a few years of growth.  If there is one thing that gardens teach us, it’s patience!

Thanks for going on this little garden stroll with me today!
Your comments make me smile and I promise to get back to you. I may be slow at it because I get easily distracted by something brewing in the kitchen or hummingbirds in my gardens.

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  1. Hi Roz! Hope all is well! Your garden is just lovely – it’s a beautiful time of the year to appreciate all around us!

  2. I love seeing all of your flowers! My day lilies are still buds (northern wisconsin weather for you) but they should open next week, unless the deer to get them like last year! anne

  3. Gorgeous flowers. I can’t wait to one day have a garden again. I miss all the colorful flowers.

  4. Your garden is beautiful! I especially love daylillies. I just added several new varieties to my garden this year. I won’t get to see them bloom until next season. We are currently experiencing 100 degree temps.

  5. Debra Sahulka says:

    Thank you for this beautiful description and colorful photos. Very inspirational!

  6. adore your garden

  7. Your garden is looking delightful.

  8. Your yard is sensational, Roz! How I wish we could grow gardenias…wow, what a gorgeous photo! You definitely have a green thumb. xo

  9. Lovely flowers! I love every each of them. thanks a lot for the share.

  10. Your gardens look beautiful Roz. You have many of the same plants as Bev.

  11. Oh Roz, your garden looks spectacular! I love all your day lilies and knock out roses. You have so many flowers!

  12. oh how beautiful! I am jealous!

  13. Thanks everyone, I’m glad that these photos made you smile today!

  14. Gorgeous photos, Roz. I have tried to grow gardenias but they just don’t seem to like the climate here. Love those hostas.

  15. Magnifiques ! Merci pour ce beau moment.

  16. Your garden looks marvelous!

    - The Tablescaper

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