Home-Made Tagliatelle Pasta in Bolognese and An Autumn Tablescape

Tagliatelle in Bolognese

Ribbons of fresh tagliatelle noodles with Bolognese sauce . . . in American-preferred quantities!

For the Bolognese Sauce that I prepared with my mother over the weekend, a fresh batch of pasta was also made to go along with the sauce. The pasta shape that we chose was tagliatelle, the traditional pasta from Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions of Italy. Tagliatelle are long, flat ribbons of pasta, very much similar in shape to fettuccine and is classically served with Bolognese sauce. When freshly rolled out, the texture is a little bit less smooth than what you get with a packaged, dry pasta. But this porous texture is exactly what makes it perfect for thicker sauces made from beef, pork or veal.

OK, OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking when you look at the photo above with the amount of sauce dolloped on the top of the pasta (that had already been gently mixed with the sauce).  I do know that when in Italy, only a little bit of sauce is blended into pasta.  But I also know that my husband is crazy-nuts about this sauce and always wants more, more and MORE sauce on his pasta.  What can I say?  He’s a typical American who just wants more sauce.

It makes him happy.

And that’s what I like . . . happy people around my table.

So before you might think that I don’t know how to properly serve pasta with sauce in the authentic Italian way, I assure that I know how to toss it all together correctly, but that first and foremost, I’m more concerned about a happy tummy for my husband . . . and truthfully for anyone who wants it served this way.  ’nuff said.

Tagliatelle in Bolognese

The correct amount of sauce the way it is preferred in Italy.

After you make your pasta (here’s a link to my family’s recipe), get ready to ROLL!!!

Here is a step-by-step photo presentation of my mother working a fresh batch of pasta into some beautiful noodle shapes . . . this time for Tagliatelle!

Tagliatelle in Bolognese

Place pasta through the pasta machine starting with a thick piece first and with each press, decrease the # of thickness on the machine to a smaller number, here we went to #3 (in the bottom photo).

After using the first flat pasta sheet rollers, you then remove that attachment (if using a Kitchen-Aid) and place the noodle attachment on your machine . . . pre-selecting what shape of noodle you want to make. We selected the ‘tagliatelle’ pasta shape (flat and somewhat wide . . . not as thin as spaghetti or linguine, yet not as wide as fettucini) for this pasta dish.

Tagliatelle in Bolognese

changing the pasta roller attachment to the pasta noodle shape attachment

Tagliatelle in Bolognese

Rolling out the tagliatelle!

If you really want to be totally and completely traditional, you can always slice the noodles by hand OR use a traditional Italian chitarra.

With the electric Kitchen Aid pasta attachments, it takes only a few minutes at the most to produce fresh pasta . . . word of warning!  HAVE A DEEP POT OF WATER BOILING, SALTED and READY for this fresh pasta to be put in the water. It only takes another 3 minutes maximum for perfect ‘al dente’ cooked pasta. Obviously, you must have your sauce hot as well, and ready to just plop in the pasta upon it’s brief swim in the hot boiling water!

Tagliatella in Bolognese

Beautiful fresh strips of pasta!

And now for a tablescape for your fall entertaining!

This is how I decorate my kitchen table with an autumnal feel. I use the SAME decorations every year, but sometimes if something lovely strikes me, I’ll pick it up and add it to my annual tablescapes. The only things that have been added this year to this autumn tablescape are the round woven wicker ‘placemats’ and the wooden green painted chargers under the plates. You can see how I use these in the spring and how I keep the same natural and green theme of my home in this tablescape from spring to autumn.

These foundational colors carry into the Christmas holiday too and all I do is add more reds and/or pinks to the color scheme . . . see where I’m going with this?   Spend wisely on nice things . . . and then save and store them carefully . . . using them over and over again . . . adding a few new things when you like . . . and always reuse and recycle!  This always leaves you with such a good feeling inside while enjoying an visually beautiful aesthetic in your home!

These are the wonderful things that add continuity in your family customs and that can be passed down in your family if carefully tended to and stored!  You will be remembered throughout the years at your family’s table, I guarantee it!

Tagliatelle in Bolognese

My home is located in the woods in the countryside of the Carolina’s and so I incorporate a lot of natural colors to blend with our surroundings. Lots of various earthy shades of green are the primary color which I carry through all of my decorating, even as the seasons change.

Tagliatelle in Bolognese

An old, treasured ceramic pumpkin-shaped teapot to accent the table!

Pumpkin with autumn fruit and foliage-themed focal point of the tablescape.

Pumpkin with autumn fruit and foliage-themed focal point of the tablescape.

Tagliatella in Bolognese

Beautiful autumn colors in the centerpiece of 3 different-sized artificial (re-usable) pumpkins!

Tagliatelle in Bolognese

I love the little acorn salt and pepper shakers in the ceramic basket!

Tagliatelle in Bolognese

I re-used the woven wicker placemats and wooden green-painted chargers from my spring tables cape and placed them on top of old re-used placemats with old matching napkins.

I hope that you have a beautiful and delicious autumn season!!!

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  1. Love the way the sauce and the home made pasta turned out! Has to be very,very delicious. Pretty table, too. xo
    Barbara F. recently posted..The Autumn WomanMy Profile

  2. Love this sauce … I am of the less sauce more cheese persuasion … and like some of the meaty sauce on the side (with a crust of bread) … Making pasta is so much fun isn’t it? Especially when Mom helps and shows some of her tricks!

    Miss seeing you around the Supper Club!
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  5. You will never hear me say that you don’t know how to properly serve pasta with sauce in the authentic Italian way. Ever. :) I have no doubt that you know exactly what you’re doing. I have a pasta maker and have used it exactly once. Thanks for the inspiration to get that thing out and give it another try. My mom made her own noodles all the time, so don’t know why I don’t take the time. Your table is beautiful Roz. And the only thing missing is a happy group of people to enjoy that inviting setting and your delicious food.
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    Anne xx
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  8. Great looking meal Roz as is the table. During our one visit to Italy the question we asked ourselves when the pasta arrived was “where’s the sauce?’ Bev likes hers just like your hubby and I’m nearer to him than Italy, especially with meat sauce. You’ve sure made me crave pasta with these last posts.
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  9. Lovely table…and the pasta looks delicious!
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  10. You ‘re so cute Roz, about putting tons of sauce on the pasta. We do the exact same thing, since Bolognese sauce is our favorite sauce; we like the pasta smothered in sauce, more like we are eating sauce with the pasta, rather than pasta with sauce…LOL….
    Your table and décor is truly lovely. And the homemade pasta is wonderful too, thanks for the recipe! xxoo Anna and Liz
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  11. Roz – It’s your husband so you’re allowed to serve it to him just the way he likes it – and why wouldn’t he want extra with a sauce this delicious?
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  12. Roz, Your table is so beautiful! One of my favorite things to do is decorate the table for holidays. Yours is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I love the green chargers and how they look combined with the wicker behind them. And all of the foliage combined with the pumpkins is stunning. Your husband is very blessed that you care so much about his preferences. You are a great example to all of us. Thank you for sharing with us.
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  13. I want it all (and will have it all). The Bolognese is perfect and I always make double – both husband and kids do like it saucy and so they get it saucy! The table is just an autumn song. What a lovely smile you gave me for this November morning.
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  18. Beautiful table arrangement. There is nothing quite so good as homemade pasta. Your dish looks delicious.
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  19. Oh Roz, this is just lovely. How grand that you and your mom work beside one another in your kitchen. I find it heartwarming, and it is an utter pleasure to read about it. Your food looks delicious – and I say if you want your past and sauce certain way, then have it that way. It’s your dinner, after all! Thank you for a delicious post!

  20. Homemade pasta! The best kind ever…and the sauce…to die for.
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  21. I have been toying with the idea of using my Kitchen Aid to make pasta, but now I’m sold. In fact, I can’t wait to try it. Your table and the lovely pieces on it are a visual feast, absolutely beautiful.
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  24. The fresh and homemade pasta is perfect for the Bolognese sauce. This sauce is one of the most popular in Italy, I think that it is prepared in each family and each family has the right and real recepit… it happensa that way in Italy… :-)
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  25. How crafty of you! How insanely creative of you! You made pasta from the scratch in your kitchen! That is some gutsy culinary move, I’d say! Hats off, Your Excellency!

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