La Bella Vita Cucina
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If you’d like to work with our popular and ever-growing food, gardening, and travel lifestyle blog, we welcome you to please inquire about any of the following:

Contact email:  [email protected]

Don’t be shy!  If you have a product that would fit well with our food, gardening, and international travel lifestyle blog, we’d love to hear from you ABOUT YOUR IDEAS!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss how to best showcase your brand / products OR services alongside the growing popularity of our blog.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a mutually beneficial marketing relationship that helps all of us?  As retired marketing professionals in this field, we certainly believe this at “La Bella Vita Cucina”!!  Giving is receiving, so if this is something that you’d like to engage in with us in the brave new world of social media marketing, please get in touch with us to chat about all of the possibilities that we can work together!

We LOVE to provide Product Reviews and Giveaways to our readers . . . and they love them too!

Oh goodness, we LOVE to offer our readers reviews and giveaways of products that are useful in our kitchen AND gardens. We promise our readers to only post reviews and offer giveaways of products we, ourselves truly love, believe in, and USE. If you have a product that the La Bella Vita Cucina’s fans would love, we’d be thrilled to hear from you.

Recipe Development

As time-honored, authentic Italian home-cooks with a family history of decades-old successful Italian restaurants, we would be honored to develop any recipe using your product or brand and featuring it on our blog and social media sites with high-quality photos and honest feedback.   We simply request that your product fits well with the theme of our blog. Please note that with all marketing firms, we work for compensation — if we believe in the product/brand, and not for just a product alone for money.
Brand Ambassador

We would love to work with you promoting your brand and products through a series of blog posts, social amplification, representation at events and more. Please contact us if your brand is a good fit with “La Bella Vita Cucina”, especially as our blog becomes more popular and grows with an international readership on all social media venues!

 Contact email:  [email protected]

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