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Are you new to “La Bella Vita Cucina”?  Well, hello . . . welcome “benvenuto”!

We’re thrilled to have you visit, become friends, and return many times.  To all of those loyal readers since 2009 when this little ol’ blog began, we are incredibly grateful for you!   This blog has blessed us with your friendship!  Here on, “La Bella Vita Cucina” we chat about many delicious and beautiful things that inspire us and that we want to share with you to enhance your lives as well!

Food?  You bet we do a LOT of talking about cooking and baking, mostly Italian, lots of Southern, but always delicious!  Sharing is so much fun, isn’t it?

Tablescapes?  As many as we can afford to create, we’ll happily share our creativity and style.  Sometimes for special occasions, but mostly casual and easy!  Decorating is another passion that we never pursued professionally, but enjoy sharing our ideas.

Gardening?  You’ll learn many ways to get the most out of a new or existing healthy, organic garden . . . whether vegetables or flowers, we’re garden-crazy on our country acreage and love to help you with your gardening success to bring freshness into your cooking!

Travel?  Oh yea, we’re on the go now that our kids are “grown and gone” as they say!  Here we share great places to experience and to dine in, both economical and splurge-worthy.  Whether near or far away, we welcome you on our journeys!

Comments and Conversation?  ALWAYS!   We ♥ comments !!  and respond as soon as possible.   We reply individually to each of you and not as a group, both here on this blog after your comment as well as on your own blog to catch up on what you’ve been up to.  We don’t forget you (and if we do, we go all the way back to ‘whenever’ you last commented, to get back to you).   We may sometimes be slow to respond, please be patient with us.

Every comment matters, every comment is appreciated and feels like a hug from a friend!

We LOVE to get to know our readers and have made friendships that go back to 2009!

We usually post several times a week, but sometimes get distracted by something yummy going on in the kitchen (and losing track of the sun to take photos in natural light).  Living on an acreage keeps us busy, busy, BUSY and even little hummingbirds in the gardens tweet to us in their language for us to ‘slow down and smell the roses’.  Being educators, prepping for classes and grading student papers is a big part of our lives . . . and often in process while something is brewing in the kitchen/cucina!

You can check out the most popular recipes and posts of other readers.  And read testimonials of the recipes that readers really and truly have made and wrote back to say how much their families and friends enjoyed them.  These compliments are so appreciated and keep us bringing you more!

We enjoy sharing information about products and services with our readers that we either own or would love to have in our lives.  As a former buyer for Neiman Marcus, I know all about selecting beautiful things and shopping!

We host giveaways of products or services that we know readers will enjoy.  As we downsize our lives, we give away lots of high-quality personal objects that we know you love  . . . it’s one small way of thanking our readers!  Everyone loves free stuff, right?

We’d love to have you in our family of readers, so you can stay connected through any or all of your social media choices:  e-mail newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you, hearing from you, and sharing with you!

We absolutely love hearing your questions and comments on ‘how’ to prepare anything shared on this blog . . . even if you ask about gardening and travel . . . not just recipes!  We reply to each and every question and comment!

If you have the time (and I know, as a working person, how busy everyone is . . . whether you are a stay-at-home-mom/dad — as I once was when my children were younger, or a full-time career person as I am now that my kids have left the nest), please sit back, grab a cup of coffee, cappuccino, latte’, tea or a glass of wine and enjoy the video of my mother and me in my kitchen that my university created for my blog.  It is our hope that this video will help you get to know us better ‘across the miles’ that may separate us!


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