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I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Wanda over at her blog, “Only Cookware Bloghttp://www.only-cookware.com/ for her kind recognition of my little blog, by selecting it as “Blog of the Week”…. if you haven’t visited her blog, you really must check it out. So many tips, recipes, and cookware reviews for all of us foodies to help us in our cooking and baking! I just wish I could get everything she recommends!

Here is her generous write-up:

Blog of the Week – La Bella Vita
Sunday, September 20th, 2009 at 11:02 pm
http://www.only-cookware.com/blog/2009/09/20/blog-of-the-week-la-bella-vita/ .

“Recently I was doing some research on cooking blogs and came across a cluster of absolutely wonderful blogspot recipe blogs that I will be bringing to you over the next little while.
Now this week I have another dream of a site for you to check out.
La Bella Vita – The Beautiful Life, is chock full of mouthwatering recipes that you are just going to want to dive right in and try.
Last week I was taken with the
Peach Melba and Raspberries and I was going to talk about this recipe this week when I added La Bella Vita as our blog of the week.
However, when I went back in I was captivated by the
Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake. In fact you could say that this recipe is a dream come true for a chocolate cake lover like myself.
The recipes are well set out with beautiful photos to accompany each one. There are tips and hints to help you out where the author has found something doesn’t quite work in the original recipe, plus there are interesting snippets about life on country acreage in the Carolina’s.

So my advice is to get out those baking pans and start cooking up a treat that you and your family are just going to love.”

So Wanda, here’s a big hug and “mwah” for being such a sweet, kind bloggin’ friend! You’ve got a great blog going on too!

Your comments make me smile and I promise to get right back to you both here and on your blog! I may be slow at it because I get easily distracted by something brewing in the kitchen, hummingbirds in my gardens, and student papers to grade! BUT I DO VISIT YOUR BLOG and comment back! Hey, that's what good friends are for! xo

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  1. Congrats Roz you deserve it

  2. Oh Roz that’s awesome! I’ll tell you, I have to agree with Wanda, that triple chocolate fudge cake post is over the top!

  3. Congrats…that’s so cool :D

  4. Congratulations!! You deserve it!!

  5. Congratulations Roz. So happy to discover your newest award. That chocolate cake looks scrumptious…but the pasta your papa helped with is divine.
    Hope your summer is spent sharing more Italian treats with us.

  6. Doesn’t it warm your heart to be recognized by people who really care? Your blog is perfection and you deserve every ounce of recognition. Kudos to you, Roz.

  7. Oh that’s awesome. Congratulations!

  8. How exciting it is to be recognized for your great blog. You earned it. I put you in the “Friendliest Blogger” Category, myself.


  9. Hello Roz and Congrats!! I’m so glad you decided to stop by and introduce yourself cuz then I got to see all the yummy things you have cookin’ over here! I look forward to sharing recipes and tips :)

  10. an well awarded! I just discovered this blog and love it. Great design. Wonderful content. Brava!

  11. Congrats on the write-up!

    The recipes look delicious… I positively love baking, but at my apartment on campus we don’t have an oven!! :-x

    If you come across any scrumptious gluten-free recipes, please share… since I learned I was gluten intolerant, my baking frenzy has simmered down quite a bit due to a lack or recipes. My “Old Fashioned Home Baking” cookbook now sits on the shelf collecting dust. Boo.

    Oh and Happy SITSta Saturday Share-Fest!!! :)



  12. Congrats Roz, you do deserve this! Thank you for sharing your sweet comment on my blog. We are so like minded ;)

    Your sister in Christ,


  13. Hey Roz, sorry I’m just getting back to you…I was working yesterday and didn’t get back on computer until now. YES, we’re working our way through Nigella’s recipes right now. Eventually we will switch to another cook/chef, but Baker’s Delight is still Nigella! Thanks for joining us :)

  14. Hi Roz (Bella):

    Please do join us at Cook the Books: The Foodie Book Club. There is no admissions requirement other than grabbing a copy of the current book (currently Peter Mayle’s “French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork and Corkscrew”), blogging about it and cooking up something inspired by your reading. Then we do a roundup after the deadline (currently Nov. 8) and our guest judge decides a winner who receives a badge for their blog and a listing in our blogroll. But there is no closed circle here, we welcome you and anyone else to join us every other month to blog about our selected book.

    Looking forward to seeing what you cook up!

    Rachel, Jo and Deb, Your Cook the Books Hostesses

  15. Congrats Roz! That’s just awesome!

    My doctor told me and the internet health sites that I researched say that a normal B/P is below 120/80. Any readings above that are getting too high. There are actually too low of B/P readings as well. Below 90/60. Mine were around the 135/85 mark with a few really high readings here and there thrown in to really scare me for sure. You can type it in your computer and get all kinds of info from Google. I hope I helped and didn’t confuse you even more.

    I hope you are doing well!
    Thanks so much for all your sweet encouragement and compliments on my latest post. You just made my day my friend!

    Many Blessings and Happy Fall!
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

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