I Fiori (The Flowers) on La Bella Vita!

This post was written four years ago and when this blog was moved to WordPress (over from Blogger) some of the formatting did not transfer correctly. I apologize for this in the presentation of this post.

The roses are blooming so abundantly this spring. I have had to spray for black spot due to all of the rain and moisture. It’s not something that I like to do, but it is certainly a must-do for roses in the SE when it’s moist. The beauty of these roses is so worth the time and effort that they take to care for!


So far this spring, the weekly rainshowers have resulted in a magnificent display of flowers of all sorts. The daylilies are just now opening up and the roses are still in full bloom. It’s been spectacular!

“Guacamole” hosta — what a perfect name; the lime green color just shouts out in the garden; it is absolutley one of my favorites!..

“Renee Michelle” Azalea — one of our perennial winners every spring!

Purple-blue iris given to us by W.D.’s late father’s Ohio garden 25 years ago; I don’t know the name though. However, it is a very special flower to us.

PPerfect “Stargazer” oriental lily! Just amazing, huh?

..HHuge “Great Expectations” hostas and other varieties
surrounding the bird bath!
“Nellie Moser” clematis climbing the lamp post to happily greet everyone!
. CCheeCheerful, friendly, happy, blue Colombine that always leaves such a
good feeling inside to see in the spring!

.TOur Bleeding Hearts naturalize more and more each year and
are just a delicate joy in the front garden!

Stately Foxglove that stubbornly grows in our garden; they aren’t easy for us!

And finally, a loving mother bird in her nest under the porch tops it all off

for life on La Bella Vita!
Happy Gardening everyone!

Your comments make me smile and I promise to get back to you. I may be slow at it because I get easily distracted by something brewing in the kitchen or hummingbirds in my gardens.

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  1. Beautiful colors! Mama bird looks like she found a nice safe place to nest at just a stones throw away from some wonderful flowers. Typical “mom behavior” I say ;)

  2. What gorgeous flowers! And how sweet-the mama bird!

  3. What gorgeous flowers! How fun to have such a grand nest nearby. We have a large one in our laurel tree right now. So fun!

  4. beautiful flowers and a lovely blog, you need a follower icon he he lol Rebecca

  5. Hey there RedKathy! Oh yea, colorful it is; this spring is absolutely one of the best I’ve seen. The lack of drought has been a blessing! Hope you are blessed as well! Love, Roz

  6. My dear friend Reeni!

    The flowers, yes, have taken my breath away this year. God is so good to relieve us of the 4-year drought….and oh yes, mama bird is a an additioanl hoot to watch! Love, Roz

  7. Ciao Bridgett!

    I take no credit for the flowers’ glory….totally out of my hands! The nest is an annual blessing; only a few babies the first time around; now Mama just sits there; maybe more babies….who knows? Love, Roz

  8. Dear Chow and Chatter Rebecca,

    Welcome to my little blog! I’m glad to meet you! The flowers are just awesome this year due to plentiful rains that have elluded us for the last 5 years! We are enjoying this year’s gardens so much.

    There is a follower button provided if you wish to do so. I’d love to have you!

    Love, Roz

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