Pretty in Pink Grapefruit and Pear Smoothie


The big bad boy that I have fallen in love with moved in over the weekend, with my husband’s approval!  

One of those power blenders that is!  Those that should purify everything but metal!  (Brand name withheld).

With baby steps of trepidation on how to use this gadget, I slowly turned the thing on, and took the ingredients for a whirl.  I made a kindergarten-level-of-difficulty smoothie to help jump start this stubborn plateau of weight loss that I’m stuck on . . . which sometimes seems like a permanent plateau!

With a focus on including seasonal (but sadly, not local), ingredients, I used super juicy red grapefruit and sweet ripe pears.   Adding in some Greek yogurt brimming over with those invaluable probiotics that help clean out the old gut, plus sprinkling in some healthy flax seeds . . .

and POOF, a healthy smoothie was quickly in my hands for dinner tonight!



Pretty in Pink Grapefruit and Pear Smoothie


Pretty in Pink Grapefruit and Pear Smoothie

seasonally fresh winter fruit: ruby red grapefruit and pears

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