On Memorial Day in the U.S. we honor those who have defended this country.

To my husband and me, this is a day to honor any person who served in our military who are no longer with us . . . not just those who lost their lives while in combat.

Growing up in the Midwest, Memorial Day was a day of fun that included visits to see my cousins (who, along with our parents, visited the graves of relatives no longer with us).  We romped around on the family farm with my country-living cousins, were yelled at by our mothers for getting into something in the chicken house or getting too muddy making mud pies.

And then the holiday ended by my Uncle Pat lighting up the grill and we’d devour juicy Iowa corn-fed beef burgers and mustard-laden Iowa pork hot dogs.  The day ended while we ran around the farmyard catching fireflies in a jar under the light of the moon.


This day also has also been sort of an official indication that school was out and summer had begun!

Memorial Day was just so much fun as a naive child . . . which childhood should be. 


Today, I don’t find Memorial Day as a day of fun, but rather, the older I get, this day becomes truly more about what it was intended:  Remembering and honoring those who have defended this country.

Now I’m not going to get all political on you.  Politics is actually at the top of my list of my least favorite subjects to talk about.  It seems that someone always gets mad, friendships end, and family relationships become tense.

Just not my cup of tea.

I avoid talking about politics like avoiding a plague!

’nuff said!

But in honor of those souls in our military, including my father who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II in the Panama Canal and my husband’s father who (not even knowing my dad who was 10 years younger) served in exactly the very same way, at the very same time, in the exact same place!

Talk about WEIRD!

In the meantime, please enjoy three recipes that my family and I have religiously prepared throughout the years for any of our U.S. patriotic holidays:  My beautiful and dear Aunt Rubie’s ‘Red White and Blue Cookie-Crusted Fruit Pizza from way back in the 70’s, my version of ‘Ina Garten’s Flag Cake, and a decadent, impressive Cheesecake with Raspberry Almond Crust covered with berries.

Superb patriotic desserts that you’ll be proud to place on your holiday table . . . and I do not lie about recipes!

I hope that you enjoy these recipes and that while you nibble on your hot dogs, burgers or brats, I hope that you remember those who gave the ultimate for all of us!


U.S.A. Red, White and Blue Flag Cake

flag cake memorial day 4th of July

a patriotic red, white, and blue cake
perfect for any patriotic holiday


Aunt Rubie’s Red, White and Blue Fruit Pizza with Cookie Dough Crust

Memorial Day Sugar Cookie Crusted Red, White & Blue Fruit Pizza

sugar cookie crusted red, white and blue fruit pizza

.Red White and Blue Ricotta and Mascarpone Cheesecake with Raspberry Almond Crust

Italian Ricotta Mascarpone Cheesecake with Raspberry Almond Crust