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I’ve always believed that once you feel that something negative has happened to you . . . there is always, ALWAYS someone, somewhere who is experiencing something worse.

Last night, in the wee hours when everyone is quietly enjoying their slumber, and while experiencing a normal period of insomnia on top of dealing with the after-pain of having hernia surgery, I watched an announcement of ‘Breaking News’ slide across the top of my computer screen about an earthquake that had just taken place moments earlier in and around Amatrice, Italy.

Only 2 people were pronounced deceased at that initial time of announcement . . .

but today the morbid toll of loss of souls has increased to nearly 300 human beings, most who lost their lives in the midst of their quiet sleep, after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake.  Other fatalities were reported in the nearby towns of Accumoli and Arquata del Tronto.  More than 1,000 people have been displaced by the quake, and the Civil Protection agency said no residents will be allowed to sleep in the devastated town of Amatrice Wednesday night.

Just horrible and tragic news

Mother Nature can be so beautiful and yet so cruel


Pope Francis called for prayers for those affected by the disaster while Italian President Sergio Mattarella said “the entire country should rally with solidarity around the affected populations.”  “At the moment we need to employ all our forces to save human lives, treat the injured and ensure the best conditions for the people displaced,” he said.


Domenica Marchetti, has shared information on where we can go to contribute and donate to the relief work.  Here is the link to her blog post where you will find the links to the relief organizations and where you can contribute:

Devastating Earthquake in Amatrice, Italy: How You Can Help

Thank you dear friends!