My mother is coming to stay for one week and she is planning on making some home-made, entirely from scratch RAVIOLI!!

I’ve already got theParmigiano-Reggiano cheese purchased and grated in the food processor. And I’ve already got the semolina flour for the pasta. I need to get out my pasta maker and dust it off, since I only make pasta 3 times a year (Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) due to the lack of time.

I am going to introduce my mother to all of you through blogging and posting photos of the step-by-step process of making the ravioli. Now, I’m not sure what else my mother is planning on making, because she usually makes enough food to feed an army of people and I just don’t eat that fast to empty enough space in my two freezers.

This is the way that I cook……large amounts and freeze. Because of my work and my extremely long commute to the city, this method of preparation really works for me…..otherwise, I’d give in to eating out all the time, which is WAY too expensive and fattening!

I bought my first upright freezer, that is STILL in use today, back in 1979! Then my mother gave me one of those little-halvsey, short freezers. That’s where I keep frozen pizzas and other quick frozen stuff that we can pop into the oven/microwave.

So I’ll be posting this special cooking blog this week. My parents arrive on Wednesday, so you know what I’ll be doing until then?


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