I’m back from my very brief trip to New York City.  My husband and I ate our way through the city as fast as we could and with what our little wallets could afford (and that’s not much in NYC!).
I’ll keep it short because I’ve got a cake to bake tonight and I know that each of you is busy too!
I have to tell you about Junior’s, a non-descript restaurant, with an ordinary menu. The big deal about this eatery was the famous cheesecake that can be ordered on-line or on QVC. The photo below is the slice from Carnegie Deli and the slice from Junior’s is almost double in size! It was so dreamy-creamy, that we went back for a second slice (that time it was the carrot cake cheesecake), and another time for a third slice (that time we had chocolate mousse cheesecake). We were so gluttonous at Junior’s it was nearly embarrassing! The cheesecake at Carnegie Deli was good, but just not as good as Junior’s. We ate Jewish knishes at the deli as well, which sadly didn’t stack up to those I used to get when I lived in St. Louis.


A huge slice of creamy NY cheesecake from both Junior’s and Carnegie Deli.
(Junior’s was worthy of its #1 ranking of all NY cheesecakes!!)

A romantic night on the town in Tribeca, at Scalini Fedeli Italian Ristorante’ — EXQUISITE!
Our big splurge was at a very highly ranked (#6) Italian restaurant in the Tribeca area of Manhattan near the World Trade Center ground zero site. Well, it was just pure heaven! The early reservation began with fresh-out-of-the-oven focaccia, olive breads, and 3 other varieties that never stopped arriving at the table! In typical Italian style, the first course was pasta and I enjoyed a black truffle risotto with peas and prosciutto — simply sublime! The chef then gave each of us a sample of ravioli in a butter sage cream sauce — completely unexpected and oh so yummy! For our entrees we selected a light fish entree that was quite good, but the entree that my husband had was outrageously delicious: an order of double bone-in pork chops with a black truffle, herb cream sauce that melted in my mouth. Two different flavored sorbets were served between courses to cleanse the palates. Desserts included a fabulous apple tart for W.D. and an intense dark chocolate concoction for me…..not over yet! Finally, a complimentary surprise finishing touch arrived that included huge strawberries in Sabayon!
Needless to say, we could barely walk to grab a taxi! But we managed to get back to our hotel room and pass out!
We were recommended to eat true, authentic thin NY pizza at John’s Pizzeria in the Theatre District on 44th Street. Below is a photo of one of the 100 year-old brick ovens that are fired with coal-fires and watched carefully by the cooks. Just incredible — perfect crust and golden, bubbly cheese on top of yummy pepperoni! I ate (seriously, I’m not kidding you) 3/4’s of a small pizza by myself, which really was the size of a ‘normal’ large pizza. The slices are very thin though! LOL!

Perfect NY pizza from John’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria in the Theatre District

Rich chocolates from Switzerland in a shop with spring floral window displays. So pretty!
Street food! Piping hot pretzels, knishes, hot dogs, chestnuts, and more!
A typical NY pizzeria . . . this one was pretty sub-par in quality and taste

The Marriott Marquis on Times Square Lobby Bar ~~ a super cool place to have cocktails.

A turquoise stand-up bar lit-up from the inside, truly unique and modern for the city


Fabulous modern decor in the Marquis’ Sushi Bar in the hotel lobby
The sushi bar itself was opaque and lit up from within ~~ very contemporary!
Flags flying around Rockefeller Center Plaza on a beautiful, sunny-spring, 58 degree afternoon.

We didn’t see any of the Broadway shows due to time and expense, but also because we just saw “Wicked” here in S.C. for our Valentine’s Day gift to each other (that cost almost $300 less per ticket). We paid $130 per ticket for orchestra seating here in SC and the same seats were selling for $400 each on Broadway ~~ not exactly doable on an educator’s budget! Phew! “Take Money” is my advice when in New York City! We walked off all of the calories that we inhaled, and I do have tons of additional photos, but time is ticking away, you’re busy, and I’ve still got that cake to bake!

I highly recommend a visit to New York City to all of you foodies, and I can’t wait until I am able to visit the Big Apple again someday!