All art images are courtesy of the official Toulouse-Lautrec Foundation web-site

I’ve just returned from Atlanta where I attended a professional conference, at which time my daughter joined me for my last night in the city.  She drove down from Knoxville, TN while on her Spring Break (she’s an art teacher) to attend the art museum together.  We always meet up once or twice a year in Atlanta to go to the High Museum for their wonderful special exhibitions.  Sometimes we go shopping at the stores that are unavailable in TN or SC, and most of the time we’ll go to a new restaurant for lunch.  It’s always a great time for both of us!  The last exhibit we viewed was the collection of the incredible Salvador Dali’ in November.  This month, some of the works of the French bohemian artist, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec is on exhibit, who has been said to have “captured the spirit and emotion of the beautiful era in Paris”.

I remember viewing some of his work during my one-time visit to Paris at the Louvre and Musee d’Orsee.  What an experience to see Monet, Degas, and so many other French Impressionists on display!  I have always loved French art and the unique style of Toulouse-Lautrec is one of my favorites.  You see, this man illustrated life sort of on the seedier side of Parisian life and captured his experiences in oil and lithograph.  I’m sure that you’re familiar with the famous cabaret, Moulin Rouge (or possibly you recall the 2001 movie with Nicole Kidman or the seductive song by Byonce)?  Well, if not, this is where the ladies of the night would sing and dance and . . . well, you know!  Additionally, he frequented the Paris theatres and painted the wealthy patrons of the shows while in their private boxes.

To me, his work just takes one back to a time gone by, when Paris was the limelight for all artistic innovation and creativity.  What an exciting time!

I think that all of us need to realize the importance that art plays in our lives.  I’m very fortunate that I live in a state that values and supports art education and artists themselves.  Life is simply more beautiful with the passionate work of these talented people who truly enhance our lives!

To learn more about Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and his art, {click here}, the official web-site by Chris Whitten.

And remember, try to never let a moment of beauty slip by in your life, especially when you have the chance to do so with your daughter or someone in your family or circle of dear friends.