The season of giving is upon us once again!  Something so many of us DREAD!  Some of us break out in a sweat when thinking about or procrastinate until the clock ticks midnight . . . and well, we just break out into a panic of when thinking about”What do I get for “so and so”?”

No problem!  Here’s a list of the 10 Best Italian Cooking and Kitchen Gift Guide for Foodies for you!

To make your holiday gift giving decisions and dilemmas a little bit easier, I’ve put together a great list of items for any foodie who is a fan of Italian specialty cooking items.

CLICK ON ANY LINK or PHOTO and you will be directed to to purchase with a simple click!  Easy, peasy!  So let’s get started with:


Italian Cookbooks!

As the world’s most favored cuisine, there are are literally thousands Italian cookbooks on the market . . . far too many to be able to pick which books are the best.  So I’ll start with two of the great classics that should be on the shelf of every cook:  La Cucina:  The Regional Cooking of Italy (and the essential source of over 2,000 authentic recipes . . . shown above).  This book ought to keep anyone busy for years to come!

The Silver Spoon is equal in breadth and depth of Italian gastronomy with 1000’s more genuine and traditional Italian fare recipes.  Both of these are hefty and as comprehensive of the basics that any cookbook can get.  Whoever receives either or both of these will thank you for years . . . and hopefully cook some of the recipes for you too!


Two of my favorite contemporary Italian cookbook authors, besides being extremely nice people, are Domenica Marchetti and Michelle Scicolone. Both have written numerous cookbooks full of mouthwateringly delicious recipes, but also include extraordinary photos and great stories (I love to read those).  I was fortunate to attend one of Ms. Marchetti’s cooking classes this year and to meet her.   I’ve also enjoyed following Ms. Scicolone’s Facebook posts, especially since one of her first cookbooks that focused on Italian holiday recipes is one of my favorites to this day!

Here are their latest cookbooks that I enjoy and that I know anyone on your gift list will too!


 The Glorious Vegetables of Italy


 The Italian Vegetable Cookbook


No kitchen would be complete without equipment to make pasta, even if made by hand, the pasta still needs to be hung to dry!  Check out any of these great gadgets and put it under someone’s tree and surprise them with your thoughtfulness.

Pasta Machines and Tools

pasta machine Cucina Pro Imperia Pasta Machine



 Lianas Italian Gnocchi Board



pasta drying rack

 Pasta Drying Rack



Italian Espresso Machines


Saeco Aroma Espresso Machine

This espresso machine is not only highly rated, but also an absolute steal at less then $400 versus other machines ranging from $700 – $12,000!



Italian Kitchen Ceramics


 Orvieto Ceramic Biscotti Jar

 Who wouldn’t want to open up a box with this special jar wrapped inside?  Wow!  How beautiful set on anyone’s kitchen counter!


Olive Tree Wood Boards

olive wood board

 Italian Olive Tree Wood Cutting or Cheese Board

 These are great for so many reasons . . . beautiful, authentic, great for displaying cheese or antipasti on, or as a cutting board.  A great, affordable gift!


Well that’s just one of my top 10 gift lists for 2014.  You can also check out my previous Italian gift list for more outstanding gift ideas 

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