from snow to sea

the latest crazy (yet beautiful) snowfall in South Carolina (yes, south of the Mason Dixon line, in South Carolina!)


White stuff that is incredibly beautiful . . . and bright white against brilliant blue skies!

Truly gorgeous!

Growing up in the wind-blown, snow-blizzard-covered plains of Iowa, snow was just a normal part of life that we, AS CHILDREN, looked forward to!

We knew nothing different.

We built snow forts that we even had ‘shelves’ built in to put things and windows to look out to spot the nearest snowball attack. We made snowmen, snow ladies, and snow children of all shapes and sizes!

We had snowball fights!

We trudged our way to the bus stop on the street corner every morning and thought nothing of it!  (Our parents NEVER drove us to school because the busses never stopped running in Iowa!)


From Snow to Sea

an aged log cabin in the nearby woods, still defying a heavy snowfall in South Carolina

We didn’t mind the snow at all growing up in Iowa.

We couldn’t wait for the first sled or toboggan ride down the slopes of cemetery hill (the steepest and widest hill in town).

We anxiously awaited the freezing of ice in the city parks to ice skate with ear muffs and scarves to keep us warm while we twirled circles at Christmastime (and often fell down attempting to do so).  We had our own humble version of NYC’s Rockeffeler Center’s ice arena!  But just as damn gratifying, enjoyable and MEMORABLE!

We couldn’t wait to snowmobile across frozen lake tops!

We loved blizzard booze parties as college students and enjoyed hot Peppermint Schnapps to warm the soul throughout Big 10 football games!  (oh yea, I confess, these I did do!)

From Snow to Sea

shadows of woodland trees on snow-covered pastures

And then one day, this man from the frigid terrain of Ohio comes into my life during my days in graduate school and says, “If this relationship is going to go any further, we need to get something straight.”

“What’s that?” I ask.

“We’re moving SOUTH!”

“No problem”, is my immediate response! NO PROBLEM!

Snow is just NOT THE SAME for some adults.  Neither of us ski anymore (yet we still enjoy some hot beverages in the ski lodges sitting next to a roaring fireplace), and although I don’t ice skate (that I love to this day) anymore . . . after one fall on my elbow, that was all it took for me to understand that I don’t enjoy broken bones at my age.  I’ll just continue to watch the talented skaters during the Olympics and gracefully accept the realities of age.

And we don’t sit around and ice fish on top of frozen midwestern lakes.  I prefer to deep sea fish these days in warmer . . . VERY warmer waters!

Moving SOUTH sounded DELIGHTFUL to me!


Especially familiar are photos shared by Annamaria of Bakewell Junction of New York!

mounds of snow pile up on Annamaria's deck in New York!

mounds of snow pile up on Annamaria’s deck in New York!

even more on the roof of Annamaria's gazebo . . . amazing!

even more on the roof of Annamaria’s gazebo . . . amazing!

So here we are in the Carolina’s experiencing winter after winter of unprecedented snowfalls that each of us were trying to escape.

Despite the beauty of each Carolina snowfall, we continue to look for warmer climates!

With that said, I bid each of you a kind and warm “CIAO” from the Caribbean where we are spending Spring Break.


unbelievable turquoise-green color of the water in the Virgin Islands

unbelievable turquoise-green color of the water in the Virgin Islands

from snow to sea

fishermen bringing in their fresh catch at dusk

From Snow to Sea

in the wee morning hours of the morning, fisherman bring in their catch in the blue hues of morning in quaint little “Frenchtown”

a native Iguana taking in some warm sunshine

a native Iguana taking in some warm sunshine

a stunning view from the top of the mountain on St. Thomas

a stunning view from the top of the mountain on St. Thomas