Anti-Inflammatory Pineapple, Mango, and Ginger Smoothie

luscious, rich tropical colors in a healthy smoothie!

Can we talk?

If so, let me tell you that I just cannot get enough of fresh pineapple!  I know that it’s not grown locally since we don’t live in Hawaii or any other tropical location, but I cannot live without FRESH cut pineapple.

Here’s why:

Peeps, some of us may suffer from, let’s just say . . . being **plugged up**.

{My issue since birth, unfortunately}

So through the years I turned to what I’ve jokingly and lovingly called, my poo pills, you know those ‘colon cleansing’ pills on the market.  Although highly effective (especially if you take too many!), I prefer the natural method . . . by what I put in my mouth!

Enter the miraculous tropical fruit of PINEAPPLE!

I had absolutely no idea that pineapple helped people with, uh . . . this issue!

A native islander of Hawaii told me this years ago while we were on a trip to the islands and ever since knowing this ‘natural’ little secret, I’ve included fresh cut pineapple (NOT CANNED) in my nutrition.

Miracles result my friends . . . miracles!

And naturally, to boot!

So in the event that one may tire of just eating pineapple chunks, here’s another great way to include pineapple in your routine PLUS get some anti-inflammatory benefits on top!

Pineapple has known used for centuries to reduce pain and inflammation. There’s this enzyme in pineapples called bromeliad that has proven medicinal benefits. Those benefits that I know I personally enjoy as I reach a few years older are reduced swelling and pain. Add in some ginger and you’ve got a massively anti-inflammatory combination.  So for a super healthy anti-inflammatory smoothie, just combine the pineapple and ginger into a smoothie recipe!

You’ll love this smoothie!  And it won’t even feel like you’re eating something good for you!


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Cheers, Salute’ and TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH!