Every cuisine has it’s famous dishes that hungry people yearn for time after time. They’re perennial classics and favorites! With colder temps nipping outside, it’s time to head for the stove and make some of the hands-down, top 6 famous and delicious Italian soup recipes to master in any Italianophile kitchen!

Each of these recipes are comfort soups as well! I hope that you give some of them a try and as always, please let me know what you think!   So sit back, grab a cup of cappucino or vino, and read on!

Starting with my #1 all-time reader and family favorite soup:


Classic Italian Minestrone

Yes, this Minestrone is just one of the best of all Italian soups!  It’s such a favorite that I’ve lost track of how many times it has been pinned, re-pinned, shared and prepared by this blog community and others who stop by the blog.  What an honor!  If you prepare it, you’ll understand why so many love this minestrone.

Pasta E Fagioli

Minestra di Pasta e Fagioli (Pasta and Bean Soup)

Growing up, my mother made Pasta e Fagioli countless times. It was her favorite ‘go-to’ soup that’s insanely easy to prepare, super economical, comforting, and delicious. As everyone knows, each Italian Mamma and Nonna has her own version of this soup. This is my family’s recipe that will forever be a favorite.

Italian Pastina Soup

Another traditional and very simple comfort soup to have on hand when the winds blow cold, and especially when someone you love is ‘under the weather, is Italian Pastina.  Kids and adults alike love the tiny pasta swimming in hot broth. Add some grated Parmiggiano cheese and/or a tiny bit of butter to add richness to the broth. This recipe and photo have been shared so many times on numerous Facebook Italian food groups, which proves how beloved this soup is to Italians.

Tortellini in Brodo

Tortellini is my family’s most cherished soup.  It is so time-consuming to make my hand (we never buy store-made, machine-produced tortellini) that it is only served for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. And when we make it, we do so in huge amounts to satisfy big families who want more than one bowl!  In a homemade broth, this is the most delicious Italian soup in the world . . . hands down the best!

Italian Lentil Soup

Every Italian family has a special lentil soup recipe since it is an Italian custom to eat lentils on New Year’s Day for good fortune. Adding grated Parmiggiano on top with minced herbs adds a delicious final touch! Sliced artisan bread completes a meal for any of these Italian soups. 

Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding soup is a simply delightful soup that is wildly popular!  The secret to the rich flavor and beautiful gold color is to add eggs and Parmigiano cheese at the end of cooking!

If you don’t have the time to prepare a homemade broth, then use high-quality, low-sodium, trusted packaged chicken broth.  As we do in this family kitchen, add salt to your preference level after the eggs are added to the hot broth.

These are truly the top 6 famous and delicious Italian soup recipes to master if you are wanting to increase your skills in preparing Italian cuisine. And each of them is very easy to make, aside from the hand-made Tortellini in Brodo. Please let me know which of these soups you’ve made and how they turned out. How did you adjust a recipe to better satisfy your preferences?  I’d love to know and am happy to share your photos and comments here as well for the others in this ‘community’ of LBVC readers!  Grazie

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Buon Appetito !