Mother Nature never fails to disappoint us during the summer months when peaches are so incredibly sweet. Let me tell you if you’ve never had a fresh-off-the-tree peach grown in South Carolina, you simply have not lived a full life yet.

I just can’t describe their soft texture, syrupy juice, and THAT. CRAZY. SWEET. FLAVOR. But I’ve already mentioned that haven’t I?

OK, so to say it another way, the flavor of fresh peaches (according to a thesaurus) is ‘candy-like’, ‘toothsome’, like honey’, and ‘luscious’.

Which helps explain why peach salsa is so insanely delicious! The super sweet flavor of the peaches combined with the spicy heat of the jalapenos and the tanginess of the lime juice create a riot of complementary tastes. And to many who bite into peach salsa for the first time, the delightful flavor combination is an unexpected surprise.

Peach Salsa

All in one bite. And so easy for you to put this together in less than 15 minutes!




In a nutshell, here’s how to put this peach salsa recipe together:

Simply gather your ingredients. Do the slicing and dicing jig in your kitchen. Squeeze in some fresh lime juice. Let the peach salsa set in the refrigerator for an hour up to overnight. Gather with your friends and family . . . . and pass around the peach salsa with some fresh tortilla chips.

Use the amounts in this recipe as a base for your own creation. If you like a little more heat, add some more minced jalapenos. Or maybe you prefer more cilantro, such as the way I like salsa and guacamole. So go ahead and adjust the recipe and add more.

And of course, enjoy the happiness you bring to other’s lives by cooking and sharing with them.

Perfect Peach Salsa

Plus, in the heat of summer, there is absolutely no oven, stove or grill used to prepare this to add more heat into your life. Every ingredient in peach salsa is completely in their untouched, uncooked, raw state as Mother Nature intended.

Which is right where I started this post. Mother knows best after all!

Here’s to peaches! Cheers!

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Perfect Peach Salsa

Perfect Peach Salsa

Perfect Peach Salsa

This peach salsa is not only easy and quick to put together, it's packed with summer-fresh peaches, tomatoes, peppers, lime and cilantro.  Be prepared for glowing comments when you serve this to your family, friends and loved ones!  Salute'!


optional:  salt and pepper



Add all ingredients in a medium sized mixing bowl.

Place in the refrigerator for 1 hour or overnight to allow all of the flavors to marry together.

Before serving add more of any ingredient that you prefer.

That's it!!

Serve with tortilla chips.


If you like, you can always add cubes of avocado, corn, black beans, etc.